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The Llama is your new way of creating and sending special messages to people you care about. It's a mix between the classic greeting card you like to give on special occasions and the messaging and social media platforms you often use.


Llama what..?


The Llama Card, providing the 'physical' aspect of the Llama experience, is our homage to the traditional greeting card. And just like traditional greeting cards, the Llama Card is one you'd want to give, receive and cherish forever! It's beautifully designed, easy to carry and you can simply stick it on a gift. 

Asset 3_300x-8.png
Asset 1_300x-8.png

On the Llama Card, you will find a QR code - the gateway to Llama's digital realm. In that realm, which includes our fabulous app, you can create and save those special messages. Videos, audio recordings, photos, funny pre-made textual greetings, and many Llama stickers and illustrations are all available for you to make an unforgettable message - a Llama Moment!

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