We founded Llama to upgrade and empower the often challenging process of delivering special messages to people we care about. We've always enjoyed giving and receiving classic greeting cards, but we realized we were in need of a more exciting and innovative way to communicate our feelings to a special someone on a special occasion.

The Llama is the ultimate deliverer of the messages we craft on birthdays, holidays, family gatherings or any other special occasion in life, and it does so in a manner that on one hand fits the 21st century and on the other celebrates a forever-old human habit.


Llama wishes to bring people together through offering a space that celebrates the forever-old human habit of expressing friendship and love. By doing so, we hope that people rediscover the joy in

creating and receiving messages on special occasions.


To make as many birthdays, holidays, family celebrations, proud milestones and other

special occasions in life truly unforgettable with Llama.