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We are an Israeli company, which manufactures its products in Israel out of a sense of mission and pride. We founded Llama to upgrade and empower the often challenging process of delivering special messages to people we care about. Through our products we can cherish people, greet and commemorate shared moments, significant deeds and important and valuable messages that we have chosen to remember and save.


Empowering emotional connection between us and the nearest and dearest to us.


Make as many personal achievements, family moments and significant events in life unforgettable.

Llama what..?

The Llama is your new way of creating and sending special messages to people you care about. It's a mix between the classic greeting and memorial cards you like to give on special occasions and the messaging and social media platforms you often use.


The Llama products are fun to give, receive, and preserve over time. The products come in different designs and can easily stick to any object or just, on their own.

All Llama products contain a QR barcode leading to our digital kingdom, through which you can create and save a special moment or watch the message they created in your honor! Video, audio or photo that will make your greetings and messages memorable.

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