What is Llama?

The Llama provides an innovative solution that empowers gift-giving through the expression of emotion in a manner fiting the digital age. In our Llama Card you may find a QR code to which you can link a special message (can be a photo, audio recording or video). After you send a gift with the Llama Card attached, the person receiving it can scan that QR code to view the message you made. The Llama app provides the opportunity to save the uploaded message for future viewing as well as many other fun features.

What is a Llama Moment?

The Llama Moment is the message itself can create and send. It is a moment in time which bonds both the giver and the receiver of the Llama Card - a shared Llama moment.

Where Can I Buy a Llama Card?

We have just launched. Llama will be available soon at a retail location near you or on our on-line shop! Follow us on social media to get updates on our activity.

How Many Times Can I Upload Content to my Llama Card?

One card for a single moment. That moment is captured in time and can be saved in the app for later viewing.

What Happens When the Person Receiving the Llama Card Scans it?

They would be able to see the special Llama Moment you created just for them. If they want to, they can download the app and save the moment for later viewing. You, the sender of the Llama Card, will receive a notification that the Llama Moment was viewed.

Can I Save My Llama Moment?

Sure! if you download the app, you can enjoy a lifetime storage of all the Llama moments you received and many other cool features.

What Do I Do if my Llama Does Not Work or if the QR Does Not Dcan?

This should not occur, but if it does, you can contact us at support@llama.im. Do not forget to provide your unique 16 digit Llama ID which appears under the QR code.

What Phone Do I Need to Scan the Llama?

Any phone with a QR scanner. The latest Apple and Samsung phones have a QR code reader built in their camera app.

I'm a Business. How Do I Work with Llama?

Go to our business page and provide us with your details. We will get back to you ASAP!